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Planning a Trip User Guide

Trip planning in Traeser is a quick and easy process which lends itself to sharing and group trips without the headaches

You can do detailed planning as described below for organised trips or simply press the Quick Trip button at the top menu of the home page

Create your route on maps, and publish it for your friends to join or view. Invite them to participate and define their start and end points.

You can optionally give the trip a name and add a picture to customise the trip, add start and end date and time for more information to other participants and observers See Details...

You can make a trip public so that anyone can view it additionally, you can make it open so that anyone can participate

Planning the trip is easy, you have multiple ways of defining your route See Details...

  • Simply tap on the map to create a new waypoint
  • Tap on 'Add waypoint' in the waypoints list and type in part of the name to select from the list displayed

Once you have created a waypoint you can change the name and add break details (overnight stay, lunch etc.) to it. These will appear in your itenary which can be shared with your friends

Trips planned in this way are available for future reference and you can plan multiple trips at the same time. The itinerary is generated by the system and can be easily shared which is very useefule in the initial phases when there can be a lot of changes

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