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Traeser (a product by TraegisTech) is an app developed for riding enthusiasts aimed at making travel a collaborative experience where you can plan share and observe rides with yur friends

It helps you create your rides, define the route, invite others to participate or observe the ride in an easy, intuitive manner without the hassel normally associated with such rides

Once created you can access the ride to make changes, add new members or just go over your experiences. You can visit your old rides by searching for them by name or by places visited, in addition the app can generate th itenary so that you do not have to manually make changes whenever the plan is changed saving a lot of time, especially for organised group rides

One of the key features is the tracking function, once you have started the ride in the app the system tracks you and shares your location with other participants and observers The tracking function easily integrates with Google Navigator to help you with the route and guide you back in case you are lost or have had to take a detour

The major advantage of this feature in group rides is that tasks such as meeting up at the starting point or finding out who is where become simple as you just need to look up the loations of the other participants

Another key feature is that the tracking function will work even in poor data networks, so if someone gets separated and can't see the map or use the navigator because of network issues, other particants and observers with good connectivity can guide them back based upon where the tracker

Any riding experience always involves some amount of danger, for this reason the Tracking screen has a button for emergencies. On touching this button the system notifies other participants or observers that you have a problem and they can easily locate you and come to your assistance

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